The project refers to the refurbishment and enlargement of a commercial building, located in the industrial area of Perugia, Italy. The building is the headquarters of “la Nuova Parati”, a company that sells finishing construction products, DIY, gardening articles, drywall, flooring, etc… and has a great section dedicated to paints for interior and exterior.
The client asked us to give a new image to the whole commercial complex. The refurbished building facing a high-slip road,
we realized a long window in structural glass system with screen-printed on the top, where the red neon sign is placed.
For the shop window, visible from the street, we created a conceptual intervention. So on the dark background we placed a 30 m long stripe, made in enameled aluminum panels, reproducing big folders of Pantone colors. The system has been turned over to the corner on both sides of the building.
On the entrance side a two-storey extension building has been created, and it has been enhanced by a red painted façade, framed with a white portal.
On the back we realized a two floors prefabricated building, plus a basement floor for a garage.
The ground floor is used as a storage, while the first floor is dedicated to offices and it’s served by two opposing staircases and elevators in steel frame, covered by enameled and perforated steel panels. The facades of the entire complex, except for the entrance one, are painted in dark gray. A series of highly colored and abstract designs, in a very large scale, have been placed in visible point to create a unified image and a strong impact, that strongly recalls the image of the company itself.. The decision to intervene with the color allowed the building to emerge from the typical architectural anonymity of the surroundings and, at the same time, it advertise the company, specialized in paints. The client immediately loved the idea. Aware that such a difficult chromatic intervention would have required a skilled performer, we asked our client if he knew a capable one for the intervention. He said he would have called Giotto…. Sure that this was a simple joke, we met on the building site a bit worried. The client presented us the painter and he’s name was really Giotto!!!
We can say that the result of his work was equal to its name.