khiensak + varodom architects has recently completed the innovative resort development in a place adjacent to the ancient city of Vieng-koom kam in Chiang Mai. the key design principle is to integrate and transform the intangible qualities and values of Lanna architecture into the context of hospitality design.

the coolness and tranquil ambience of siripanna sets the mood of the place. the effects of sunken courtyard, pool and landscape relax the mind and soul. the guestrooms extended from the reception area, a bridge-walkway flanked by lush landscape leads one to courtyard and water feature with a tropical plantations. the serene setting of courtyard is the visual approach treat to the eyes and centre focus for the enclosed space. building placement with courtyard and axis patterns are influenced by the cosmological pattern of ancient architecture. architect has developed the building arrangement and organization by integrated with the domestic proportion of Lanna architecture.

in modern Thai architecture of resort context, the buildings of Siripanna are expressed in intangible qualities and values such as a sense of hospitality which is conveyed through the open-air lobby and restaurant. in addition, the landscape design, utilizing landscape components, such as walkways, and courtyard also provide a sense of tranquility and coolness as well as a sense of transparency. in Thai architecture, the grouping of buildings within compounds also allows for views through a series of layered outdoor and indoor spaces.

the deeply-pitched roofs and open-air pavilions (sala) that characterize traditional Thai architecture evolved in response to the country’s climate. a high roof s an interior with enough space for hot air to rise. the roof overhang keeps the sunlight out. a second steeped roof promotes ventilation by trapping the hot air in the space above. in ancient Thailand, sala were open to the outdoors and were where thai people received guests. they also came to the sala to enjoy the cool outdoor breezes and gaze at the countryside around them.



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