This is a proposal for a sheltered pedestrian link from Ponsonby to the CBD in Auckland City, New Zealand. It accomodates cycle lanes and foot paths below , and forms an inhabited `bridge` with low cost `plug in` residential housing above.

The housing units are portable, targeting people with increasingly dynamic living and working habits - move your house closer to where you work.

Urban elements (seats, signs, street lights etc) are integrated into the link infrastructure.

There is an oppoturnity here for an array of energy harvesting technologies and the potential to apply this infrastructure throughout the city.

The leasehold of housing units could pay for the cost of the infrastructure and make for feasible sheltered pedestrian links.


Symbiotic Housing Link by Lennard Carlier in New Zealand won the WA Award Cycle 4. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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Lennard Carlier