This architecture is a quest to find a plausible solution to preserve the earth.

This in search of a different approach of ‘using’ the energy cycle. Known as a cycle between energy sources and their outputs. But, what if these come together and make architecture react autonomously, just like nature does? What if nature itself teaches us how to play with the climate, the energy and in the end: our world.

Mimosa pudica (tickle me plant) is well-known for its rapid plant movement. In the evening, at sunset, the leaflets fold together and the whole plant collapses downwards. At sunrise it will reopen. The leaves will / shall also close under various other stimuli, such as, warming, touching or shaking. The movement is caused by “a rapid loss of pressure in strategically situated cells that cause the leaves to droop right before one’s eyes”. One of the strategies of life- this is warmth, the climate is maybe the perfect method to change the architectural point of view towards the need to use energy. What if there is a material that reacts just like the mimosa pudica? Fortunately there is such a material named the muscle wire, also known as: Shape Memory Alloy’s.

A shape memory alloy is an alloy that remembers its shape. After a sample of SMA has been deformed from its original crystallographic configuration.

Its regains its original geometry at high temperatures, simply during unloading. shape memory alloy’s react at temperatures above 30°C. When the sun shines upon the SMA, they easily get a temperature of 50°C: the whole structure will open in summer and will be closed in winter and night.

By making efficient use of this sun heated system, we can optimally play with the extra natural energy. For example, when the temperature is low the roof closes and warmth is preserved. When the temperature is high, the roof shrinks, and nature wind and shadow are used for cooling. by playing with this kind of energy we can keep comfort costs low.

°°°With this shape memory alloy, a material that’s capable of imitating natures reactions, we are able to make architecture that responds to the climate , just like the Mimosa pudica does and so we make architecture that gives a nice environment in every way because it reacts like we will react on the climate. and this without the use of external energy…

NO ENERGY USE architecture.