In a place sprinkled with small, residential constructions, to build a house which aims to create a world of its own for those who live there, demands the resolution of the simple yet profound conundrum of how to take maximum advantage of the views afforded by the elevation of its plot position, which is its greatest virtue, and to protect it from the impact of adjacent buildings.

The structure-enclosure of the building works conforms to a whole which rises up out of the excavated ground, to a level which gives way, to a flagstone which is both ground and enclosure, wall and ceiling, so that the property bends alternatively to the south east and north west, according to the predominance of internal areas over the views, or subordinating to them. The fractured areas allow the bedrooms and the living/dining areas to stand out, with perfect direction, towards a garden, protected from the plots at the border by bland systems and dense vegetation. The first floor, on the other hand, seeks a uniform yet diffuse lighting system in the opposite direction, and at each end it looks out over distant views. On this floor, the opaque plane which turns into a distant image of the house protects the terrace, a patio open to the skies on the creased plane, a private and intimate spot in the property, a playful counterbalance to its strict abstract form.

The figure of S shaped section floats over a section of the landscape in "C" which, at its opening, empties the plot and leaves a furrow on which the house was built. The patio entrance is at the basement level, and lets you walk up to discover the dynamic section of the house, which breathes through the open crack in the landscape. The short sides for their part, remain open and glazed in such a way that the fold they contain is visible. As Paul Scheerbart announced in 1914, " Glass architectural structures, which allow the passage of sunlight, and the clear light of the moon and stars into living spaces not only via windows, but rather through walls made entirely of glass...."




Hisao Suzuki