Acciona, the renewable energy firm pioneer in biofuel, desired a different image for its activity adopting a critical position around the image of the traditional service station. This new service station, the first in Spain to sell bio-diesel and bio-ethanol, was to be a change, a different image from the typical fuel station.

This service station is located on the new highway between Pamplona and Logroño, in front of the little village of Legarda, next to the Monte del Perdón, where Acciona installed the first wind turbines of Navarra.

The strict space planning has been incorporated in volumes that aim to be integrated in the surroundings and the landscape. It is not intended to present the service station as a latest generation or high technology facility, although it is just that, but as an element that has taken root in the surroundings and that has been integrated in order to transform the meeting point of the travelers. The zigzagging roof has photovoltaic panels to allow energetic autonomy in a facility that houses the selling of bio-diesel, bio-ethanol and, in the future, hydrogen.

The service station is formed by two volumes made of sandstone that contrast with the pine wood roof that enhances the light reflection through its photovoltaic panels. The result is a sustainable station, very different in shape and materiality and very delicate in its encounter with the surrounding rural areas.




José Manuel Cutillas - Proyectar