Arena Zagreb is the multipurpose indoor arena located in the south-western part of Zagreb, Croatia.
Thanks to its iconic design and position at one of the main city entrances it has immediately become a landmark of the city. The Zagreb Arena has been primarily planed to host games in the 2009 World Men`s Handball Championship; Now days, the event calendar is getting busier and more interesting every day by having some great names such as: Beyonce, Depeche mode, Eros Ramazzoti, Tom Jones, José Careras, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Cirque du Soleil etc.
Besides, construction time was quite ambitious - 15 months from starting the very first sketch to the first goal on friendly match just before the official start of Handball Championship. Architectural approach of the Zagreb Arena is authentic Croatian product.
However, since venues of such capacity cannot be profitable if capable of hosting only sporting competitions, Arena has been designed as multifunctional hall with all spatial and functional characteristics that enable maximal flexibility and provide numerous events.
This influence is mostly present in the flexibility of the grandstand, in preserving sufficient and various spaces reserved for athletes, other performers and event managers, in providing simple and fluid visitors circulation from entering point to the seat on the stand and offer various catering facilities, in dividing the whole building in smaller mutually independent spatial zones that can be used separately, in acoustic interventions inside the hall shell and at last in securing sufficient bearing capacity of steel roof structure capable for suspension of additional scene equipment.
When experienced in city macro-scale, Arena Zagreb is positioned at one of the city main high-way entrances, as an extension of Savska Street - one of the main city traffic line axes as well as an extension of Jarun Lake - one of the main city recreation zones. Experienced in city micro-scale it is positioned in the district with huge development plans, representing the central point of the new planned shopping / entertainment centre surrounded with new planned residential zones. By recent reconstruction of access roads the whole area got suitable and well dimensioned traffic connection to the remaining parts of the city.
This multi-functional venue is composed of 6 floor levels, covering total GBA of 90.340 m2 on a 29.540 m2 footprint. Functional area partition follows the circulation routes of different users. Underground level is mainly garage space approachable by 2 car ramps with total 956 parking capacity (additionally, the 3.300 parking places in future nearby shopping centre will be used as well). On the ground floor the field of play with all necessary athletes-, performers-, judges-, trainer’s facilities are positioned as well as rentable office area. The central arena’s court can be transformed depending on the event.. The 1st floor represents the main pedestrian approach level with four main entrances to the venue. The visitors enter the grandstand directly from this level or by rising to the 3rd floor passing through the circular halls with numerous catering facilities, which are partly connected to the pedestrian platform and usable also independently from the venue. The 2nd floor is reserved for VIP-guests and media stuff having their own fully equipped spaces with possibility of multi-functional usage also for conferences, workshops or congresses. The restaurant on this level offers direct view to the court and can be used during events, but also independently. The 4th floor is reserved for technical equipment, and is also connected to catwalks distributed underneath the roof and used for maintenance of lighting and loudspeaker devices assembled along them. All described zones are mutually independent and equipped with sufficient number of separated accesses with very clear user’s circulation system-quick and easy entering and exiting i





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