Being built as a coastal refuge, the house of Martossa is located in an exceptional place. From the street, it is only possible to notice its presence by the almost imperceptible view of the roof that protects the cars parked below. The house has been built on the hillside, at a lower level, so that it is completely opened to the spectacular surroundings.

The house is conceived as a succession of horizontal levels on a view point platform where the swimming pool has been installed. The interior space has been defined by big sliding glass windows so that the living space is only enclosed by the limits of the surrounding views. The seasons and the changing lights are what encloses this house.

The selected materials are of high quality and have been treated with austerity and economy. Travertine, natural wood and glass are the main materials used in this construction; however, the landscape and the surroundings, the light and its reflection are the real materials that more accurately define the shape of the house. The house of Martossa is a refuge where the landscape can be lived, where the landscape can enter into one’s life and modify it.

The access to the house is located on the highest floor where it is possible to find a living space that separate the bedrooms. In the low floor, the kitchen, the dinning room and the living room have been placed in relation with an exterior platform where the balcony and the swimming pool are located.



Sebastián Fernández de Córdova and Jorge Gambini Ons