The new building will be at the boundary between nature and built, with on the one side the artificial of the city and on the other one the natural of the hills surrounding. In a broader context the area comes into visual relationship with the Park of Villa Giulia and Mount Fiascone in an ongoing confrontation between the natural and artificial. The willingness of the project is to get connected with the residual naturalness of the place, creating a new artificial. From this desire came the metaphor of house on the tree, or the tree. The new building gives not up to the natural, within the limits imposed by the very small size of the lot (only 54 square meters) and then exacerbates it, becoming a kind of artificial tree. The courtyard of the second floor contributes to emphasize this concept, being not visible from the road but allowing the building to have a more intimate and confidential area, keeping on with the introverted character that we wanted to give to the building.



Building site: 54 sqm

Claudio Farina
Christina Kruml

t(H)ree house by claudio farina in Italy won the WA Award Cycle 5. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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claudio farina

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