Architect Elliot Justin Giovacchini (Italy) & Sw Foulkes Architects (UK).
Proposal for a new Sicilian Deli Corner food experience in Leeds (UK)

The urban interior becomes space. The city, under the influence of light, creates moments of life,fluid and dynamic, and architectural elements individual buildings.
The philosophy of the project and its concepts express the sense of living, the tradition in its most classic conception of the Italian Piazza, source of history and passion as Renzo Piano says in an interview with Charlie Rose in the U.S:

(Renzo Piano) “ Transparency and light a small miracle that creates a public space, a small square inside a closed space”

(Charlie Rose) “Is this your Italian soul?”
(Renzo Piano) “The piazza is an icon , it is the city of my dreams: made of light and transparence, full of water, greenery and trees together with bridges and streets.
Piazza is the place where people meet, disappear and move.. So the idea that you can make a little piazza and you can create that sense of participation between the street and the building is part of the story … this is not really what you should call style it is more a kind of desire to create a space more open where you can start an adventure means … understand and listen the site …and every site has a story to tell…”
From this the cue to tell a story about the piazza’s life and its flavour, odour and materials atmospher Characterizing the Sicilian Italian culture a food-experience, in a conceptual space not a mere reconstruction of a cross-false and unreal cutaway.
Try to create the genius loci is not reconstruction but rather create a `feeling of knowing what only a small part you can make it live and experience
Here the use of panels and animated images of a cross section of a reality, distant in time and space, smell, taste and materials that create memories that bring to mind the historical civilization and its customs, and finally the use of panels white and neutral without lifeless, in contrast with real life represented by visitors-customers who come together as people of the same plastic-model of sicilian food experience.


NUI Deli Corner Food Experience ( Leeds, UK ) by Elliot Justin Giovacchini in United Kingdom won the WA Award Cycle 4. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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