The site for this project is in island Nakanoshima in Osaka city in Japan.
On the basement where is Nakanoshima Island on Yodo river, the event called water metropolitan as a theme is lunched.
We respected the city where have been developing with water and re start of this city is the basement of this project.
We designed the structure made by bamboo from the image symbol of water network and some hut around it for activity like workshop for art.

Then we also think not only just structure but also story of this project to keep it in continues thing. In the case of hut, we use Collins structure to keep length of material only 2400 for floor and sealing to organize this hut’s space more flexible construct it for another thing. After close this event, each hut can contribute on for another aspect in another place by rebuilding in terms of hard aspect. We hope to use new system which can move and diversion is going to develop more. In the case of Bamboo structure, although the bamboo is really historical and traditional material in Japan, but we can not use it as a construction material. So, we focused on not only design of structure but also development of technology by corroborating with professor in university and constructor. Then it was proposed the center of the event called Aqua Metropolis Osaka 2009 and a chance, an opportunity of new encounter and studying and many pleasures.




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