Shadow theatre on the staircase in Salzburg.Austria.
Authors: Malinin Alexandr,Sheveleva Ansatsia, Pestryakov Dmitry

Salzburg due to its mountanious landscape has a lot of staircases which are used daily by hundreds of people.Diferent activities are held there.Starting from simple climbing to the fortress or mountain church,finishing
with sitting,drinking beer,chating and even dancing.Most of the staircases are used 24 hours a day.It is very comfortable place to seat while resting or meetimg with friends.Some of the stairs are hidden.And sometimes people are afraid to go up without knowing what is going to be at the end
Is it worth climbing or not? Will they see something interesting at the end?



Malinin Alexandr,Sheveleva Ansatsia, Pestryakov Dmitry


Malinin Alexander