This 4 stories small Townhouse is hidden within Wittayoo Road: one of the most
beautiful roads in Bangkok. The property, however, is 1 of the 8 properties which is located
around a square for carpark and garden. The layout and architecture of
the properties is similar to an English traditional housing style which consequently differentiated
the properties from others of the past era.

Over the past 15 years, the properties have been abandoned in decadent condition and
the beautiful square has been encroached by illegal sheet food hawkers.

The project aims to renovate 1 of the 8 units into a small home-office with limited
budget. The renovation has to be done with respect to the neighboring properties.
The design direction is to simply create a new facade for the existing
building and re-organizing the inner space into an apartment cum home-office




Vin Varavarn Architects Ltd. Inhouse