“Genetic Research Center” is a thesis project of M.Sc. in architecture by Arash Dailami and Azadeh Sahraeian as a team work. This project is an effort to define a new methodology of design which is inspired by1. the natural processes of the beings as the most sustainable systems which have survived through a long process of try and error for more than three millions of years,2.the fifteen characteristics of live things as Christopher Alexander mentions and 3.Kisho Kurokawa’s researches to relate biological concepts such as symbiosis, metamorphosis ,etc. with architecture.
On the other hand , by using the semi conservative DNA replication process as our main biological concept that can be called the “Bio-copy”, under the effects of functional layers, circulation etc., the genotypic splines of the environment, evolved to the phenotypic form that are compatible with the both of the context and the various functions of the project. After achieving the concept of the design from the above process, it was time to evolve this concept to the final architectural design. Relations, circulations, functional requirements, standards, etc. are the factors which transform the concept to the architecture. The more compatible these factors are, the more perfect the result will be.
Tutor:Dr. Shahin Keynoush.School,Dr.Kazem Memarzia: Islamic Azad University of Shiraz




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