Education hasn’t change for centuries, both methodological and architectural. In the era of technology, learning enviroment should be adapted to take full advantage of it seeking a new method based on:
- A closer relationship between students and teachers.
- Interactivity, to make students face learning as a game
- A meeting space for research and development. Everyone involved could learn from the others creating communities. The outcome of these communities is the launching of talented students to the World.
There wouldn’t be borders for the e-learning so its access would be worldwide making the empoverished countries able to develop themselves with their students.
Its materialization is a Campus for the digital teaching development; where teachers, parents and students wordwide meet. Different exchange layers take place in the e-school.
- IT classroom: advances such as virtual reality would be applied in many subjects becoming more interactive. Each student would have a laptop “OLPC” with free access to information and virtual mentors. Students and teachers don’t have to be physically co-located. Internet facilitates learning other languages. Contents can be shown by teachers and students on digital screens.
- Forum: space where workshops take place.
- Campus: R+D requires a space for meeting and exchange.
- Global workshop: different campus sharing their progress.



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