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Urban Situation in Rio de Janeiro - from favela to the city = creating a communicative space for ALL

Architecture News - May 03, 2010 - 22:11   8800 views

#Favela#The area of a favela has certain assertive laws, highly respected borders and for the most part just one entrance. From outside the area seems hermetical close; inside concentrated, bursting powers who are infiltrating the neighbouring asfalto who in turn is deteriorating.Given the high density and an insane climate, facing a never surceasing feeling of addiction/dependence and oppression it seems unbelievable who many places are offering a climate to good communication. #Urban Landscape Megalopolis#The network of favelas is very hard to define.But very easy it seems for favelados how they are plunging into the urban infrastructure, are embracing it and are collaborating ? on-site and worldwide. The cityscape is presenting yet another enclave: Condominios.The absurd idea of Luiz Paulo Conde to build a wall around Rocinha is reflecting this attitude.But walls neednt to be erected. The rich are sending their kids to watched private schools, are spending their freetime in enclosed shopping centres and are residing in so-called Condominios fechados. To enter these residentail ghettos of the privileged you need to live there or be invited. #My Proposition: A RadioProductionCentre#At a neutral location # scilicet outside the urban landscape where laws are ruling, who no-one understands, who no-one can describe, but everyone is forced to undergo # a centre for the production of broadcasts, the RPC, will be equipped.With this RPC the nearly 200 FavelaRadios will be equitable and coexistent supported. Here one can produce segments or songs, borrow equipment, attend schooling, and primarly to offer the exchange with birds of a feather (like-minded people).Radio waves dont know any limits!