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Shigeru Ban will deliver a lecture on his "Paper Log House" at METU Faculty of Architecture

Turkey Architecture News - May 02, 2023 - 14:52   1752 views

Shigeru Ban will deliver a lecture on his

Pritzker Prize-winning architect Shigeru Ban will deliver a lecture on his "Paper Log House", a prototype of temporary housing unit developed for the victims of the Turkey-Syria earthquake.

Titled Balancing Architectural Works and Social Contributions, the lecture will be followed by the opening ceremony of the "Paper Log House". 

The temporary housing unit is designed by Shigeru Ban Architects/Voluntary Architects’ Network and materialized in collaboration with METU Urgent Design Studio after the earthquake disasters in South-eastern Turkey.

The public lecture will be held on May 3rd at 13.00 in the METU Faculty of Architecture amphitheater. The lecture can also be followed online via YouTube and Zoom.

Shigeru Ban will deliver a lecture on his

Paper Log House is a collaborative housing project by METU Urgent Design Studio and Shigeru Ban Architects/Voluntary Architects Network. The project aims to provide a prompt and efficient solution to the pressing housing needs of areas affected by the earthquakes of 2023.

METU Urgent Design Studio was formed as a voluntary initiative within the METU Faculty of Architecture to respond to the immediate spatial needs following the earthquakes of February 2023 in Southeast Turkey. Formed after a week following the February earthquake, the initiative aims to develop and construct several projects to meet the urgent spatial demands of the affected areas such as temporary tents, animal shelters, toilets, and interior separators. 

Among the projects is the Paper Log House, built with the help of volunteering students and faculty members.

Shigeru Ban will deliver a lecture on his

The Paper Log House was designed by Shigeru Ban Architects. The Tokyo-based architectural firm is renowned for their works utilizing paper tubes. 

Voluntary Architects Network is a collective launched by Shigeru Ban Architects to work on disaster relief projects, including emergency shelters, paper log houses, churches, classrooms, and paper partition systems.

Shigeru Ban will deliver a lecture on his

Starting from March 2023, Urgent Design Studio has been working in collaboration with Shigeru Ban Architects/Voluntary Architects Network to materialize the Paper Log House. 

The firm has provided Urgent Design Studio with the necessary funds, utilizing METU Alumni Association, Istanbul Branch to purchase the materials required to build the prototype on its full scale in the Middle East Technical University campus in Ankara. The construction was realized through the collective efforts of METU students and faculty members.

On the night of May 3rd, the Emergency Design Studio team will depart from faculty to construct the prototype in Hatay, Turkey.

All images courtesy of METU Urgent Design Studio. 

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