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New JinJu National Museum Competition is launched in South Korea

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New JinJu National Museum Competition is launched in South Korea

An International Design Competition for the New JinJu National Museum has been launched in South Korea.


Since the current Jinju National Museum is located within the Jinjuseong fortress which is designated as a national historic site, it is impossible to expand the facility which leads to difficulties in improving outdated facilities, carrying out safety control of museum collections, along with providing visitors’ convenience and expanding safety facilities.

Thus, in order to create a complex cultural space which meets the latest trends in museums that may provide spaces for exhibition, education, museum managers and children’s museum, it is planned to relocate the Jinju National Museum for providing better services to visitors and citizens.


Site Address: Around 245-224 Gangnam-dong, Jinju-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

- Zoning District: District Unit Planning Area

- Use: Cultural and assembly facilities (exhibition center)

- Site Area: 20,000㎡

- Total Floor Area: 14,990㎡ (allowable within ±5%)

- Estimated Construction Cost: 50,615,000,000 KRW (VAT, total construction cost, construction cost for new renewable energy, installation cost for electrical charging facilities, contributions due to various kinds of services included)

- Estimated Design Fee: Approximately 3,069,000,000 KRW (VAT, various kinds of certifications and licensing costs, guaranteed liability insurance included)

Competition Period: Apr. 10 (Mon.), 2023 ~ Jul. 19 (Wed.), 2023

Design Period: 12 months from the commencement date (licensing period excluded, holidays included, It is subject to change depending on the host’s construction plan change.)

Recent exchange rates: 1 us dollar = 1,319 KRW

Eligibility and Restrictions

- Korean and foreign licensed architects may participate, and up to three participants (or companies) are allowed to form a joint group in which one of them is designated as a representative.

- The representative of the joint group (individual participant if applying alone) must be someone who has established and declared an architectural firm according to Article 23 of the ‘Certified Architects Act’ of Korea as of the design competition announcement date and is free from any disqualifications pursuant to the relevant law.

- After winning, the representative is responsible to direct and mediate all businesses of the joint group, while at the same time taking legal rights and responsibilities in relation to the competition.

- Participants in the Design Competition, registered as a representative or participant, shall not join any other design.


Registration: From April 10, 2023 to May 12, 2023

Inquires: From April 17, 2023 to April 21, 2023 (Answers: May 1, 2023)

Entry Submission: by 17:00 o'clock July 7, 2023

Result Announcement: Jul 19, 2023

Winners and Awards

1st Place Winner (1 entry): Certificate of award and the priority negotiation rights for the design development, construction document, and design implementation

2nd Place Winner (1 entry): A certificate of award & 4 million KRW

3rd Place Winner (1 entry): A certificate of award & 3 million KRW

4th Place Winner (1 entry): A certificate of award & 2 million KRW

5th Place Winner (1 entry): A certificate of award & 1 million KRW

Runner-ups: A certificate of award


Kweon, Byoung yong (NBBJ / Head of Korea)

Kim, Dong jin (Hongik Univ. / Professor)

Kim, Jeong im (Seoro Architects / Principal)

Kim, Jin wook (Seoul National Univ. of Science& Technology / Professor)

Lee, Min ah (Hyupdongone / Principal)

Lee, Jeong hoon (Joho Architecture / Principal)

Lee, Jun suk (Myongji Univ. / Professor)

Preliminary Jurorr: Kim, Dong gyu (Gyeongsang National Univ. / Professor)

For further information, visit the competition's website.

Contact information: [email protected].

Top image courtesy of JinJu National Museum Competition.

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