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Competition: The Brewed Bar

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Competition: The Brewed Bar

Coffeehouse, coffee shop or café whatever you may call, its primary purpose is to serve a good cup of coffee & they have always served as a place for people to come together and have a stimulating conversation. They have long been associated with writers, artists and intellectuals. The modern day cafés have turned into small restaurants that serve a typical menu of diner food along with varieties of coffee. As a society, we classify coffee as a small yet significant luxury. The success of our “café culture” is not only in the quality of the beverage provided, but also the experience that our cafés deliver.

India is usually identified as a tea drinking country, but this is being slowly taken over by coffee as the choice of beverage in some urban centres. The entry of Café Coffee Day (CCD) in 1996 transformed the coffee drinking experience in India. Rising middle class, growing brand awareness, and the availability of international experiences at home are fuelling the coffee culture in India. Working out of a coffee shop is yet another trend that’s taking off in India, which is why many cafes operating here are transforming into full-fledged working spaces during the daytime. 

The challenge is to design an urban coffee house having a mix of open, semi-open & closed spaces. The idea is to design a café which has an equal balance of ambience & aesthetics. We request participants to design spaces keeping in mind 3 kind of customers – For youngsters just willing to hangout over a cup of coffee, For family gatherings and For freelancers to collaborate & work.

Registration Dates & Fees 

Early Bird Registrations – 25th February TO 27th March – 2021

Indian Nationals (Students) – INR 1350 Per Team

Indian Nationals (Professionals) – INR 1750 Per Team

Foreign Nationals (Students) – USD 25 Per Team

Foreign Nationals (Professionals) – USD 35 Per Team

Standard Registrations – 28th March TO 28TH April – 2021

Indian Nationals (Students) – INR 1650 Per Team

Indian Nationals (Professionals) – INR 2150 Per Team

Foreign Nationals (Students) – USD 35 Per Team

Foreign Nationals (Professionals) – USD 45 Per Team

Late Registrations – 29TH April TO 10TH May – 2021

Indian Nationals (Students) – INR 1950 Per Team

Indian Nationals (Professionals) – INR 2500 Per Team

Foreign Nationals (Students) – USD 45 Per Team

Foreign Nationals (Professionals) – USD 60 Per Team

Submission Dates  

21ST, 22ND & 23RD May – 2021

Winner Announcement 

23RD June - 2021

Prize Money 

TOTAL PRIZE MONEY: INR 2,00,000  + 15 Honourable Mentions 

1st Prize – INR 1,00,000 + Certificate + Publication

2nd Prize – INR 50,000 + Certificate + Publication

3rd Prize – INR 25,000 + Certificate + Publication

– BEST STUDENT DESIGN ENTRY : INR 10,000 + Certificate + Publication

– BEST ARCHITECT DESIGN ENTRY : INR 10,000 + Certificate + Publication

– BEST DESIGN PRESENTATION AWARD : INR 5000 + Certificate + Publication

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