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Kooche Magazine: Documentation of Modern Cultural Life of Iran’s Megacities

Iran Architecture News - May 07, 2020 - 10:20   2350 views

Kooche Magazine: Documentation of Modern Cultural Life of Iran’s Megacities

With respect to the significant results of human advancements in digital technology and rapid developments of cybernetics world, nowadays understanding of "The Here-and-Now Situation" is much more difficult.

Today, understanding of social structure’s forces of dominant contemporary culture of the world and their relation to the structure of Iranian society is more critical and important than any time in life’s existence. The Iranian society has its own historical heritage and intends to take part in the mainstream discourses of the world. Thus, that understanding is immeasurably more needed and even has essential nature in the fields of architecture and urban engineering. Unfortunately, in today's technologically advanced world the science of architecture and municipal engineering in Iran, in overall results, cannot give a proper perspective to the ideal lifestyle for humans of Iran. So, the question arises that, in today's Iran, how is it possible to produce a discourse in the fields of architecture and municipal engineering to raise awareness and drive understanding across all sectors of society?

The above-mentioned awareness and understanding must be based on a general comprehension of Here-and-Now Situation and must in nature be sociologically critical to introduce novel reviews in theory and practice.

The intention of Iranian new published magazine KOOCHE MAGAZINE is to bring different architectural topics into focus by analyzing them; also in the most parts, offers critics and architects to present their point of views and outlooks for more discussion and makes it possible to address challenges of this transitional period. In this respect, the KOOCHE MAGAZINE takes through a culturally and artistically points of view an interdisciplinary research outlook and also a critical sociological approach.

The KOOCHE MAGAZINE’s mission is to produce progressively essential concepts of architecture and turning to the understanding components and parameters of Here-and-Now Situation, and introduces urban-utopia for the humankind. Therefore, in each volume, the editorial team devotes an entire issue to a specific subject to examine and comment on current architectural dilemmas of the Iran’s mega-cities.

This magazine is being published quarterly and all architects and urban designers from all over the world are invited to submit their papers via magazine website.

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