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New Call For Submissions For MONU #31: After Life Urbanism

Netherlands Architecture News - May 28, 2019 - 06:01   6393 views

New Call For Submissions For MONU #31: After Life Urbanism

MONU Magazine is calling submissions for its 31st issue under the title of "After Life Urbanism", aiming to investigate how mortality impacts cities and buildings. 

Bernd Upmeyer, Editor in Chief, of MONU wrote:

"After having scrutinized thoroughly how architecture and cities are influenced by societies that grow increasingly older due to declining fertility rates and rising life expectancy, in our previous MONU #30 entitled "Late Life Urbanism", we aim with the upcoming issue to move forward in time to the "After Life" and investigate how mortality impacts cities and buildings. In that sense, there is a certain connection and continuation between this new issue and the last one." 

"However, the new topic - that we call "After Life Urbanism" - comprises many different facets that need to be discussed which were not part of "Late Life Urbanism" and are related to recent changes in our society that are related to death; first of all spatial aspects, but cultural, social, environmental, technological and last but not least economic ones too."

To explore what all these recent changes in our society mean for our cities and buildings we invite you, with this new open call for submissions for MONU #31 on "After Life Urbanism", to submit spatial investigations, innovative projects, bold thinking and writing, cultural reflections, research on changing social norms, critical analysis of environmental impacts, technological studies, economic understanding, captivating photography, and powerful illustrations. 

Abstracts of around 500 words, and images and illustrations in low resolution, should be sent, together with a short biography and a list of publications, as one single pdf-file that is not bigger than 1mb to [email protected] before June 30, 2019. MONU's autumn issue #31 will be published in October 2019.

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Top image: Scene from the American drama television series "Six Feet Under" that depicts the lives of the Fisher family, who run a funeral home in Los Angeles, 2001-2005, ©HBO 

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