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The Xi’an Hotel by All Design

United Kingdom Architecture News - Sep 2, 2014 - 13:09   2625 views

The Xi'an Hotel will pride itself on the individuality of each hotel room with its seasonal and orientational differences. Each room is based on a flower that will offer a unique sensual and visual experience for its inhabitants. A collection of bespoke hotels sown into the terraced landscape at Xi'an:

Winter Jasmine - January
Camellia - February
Orchid - March
Peach Blossom - April
Rose - May
Gardenia - June
Jasmine - August
Sweet Osman - September
Chrysanthemum - October
Narcissus - November
Calyx canthus - December

The hotel will act as the main reception point for guests on their arrival to the landscape "The Flow of Loess". Parking will be located away from the hotel itself in order to enhance the surrounding landscape and flowering gardens.

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Location:Xi'an, China
Client:Xi'an Government
Size:2,300 m2
Completion Estimated 2016

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