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Is low-tech Philippe Starck the ‘Robin Hood’ of design?

Italy Architecture News - Jan 5, 2017 - 00:03   13580 views

Is low-tech Philippe Starck the ‘Robin Hood’ of design?


For the 67-year-old, the experience is more than just the look, feel, taste, touch or smell of something. To achieve that full sensory experience Starck packs his design with triggers. “All of my restaurants are full of magic things, what I call ‘fertile surprises’ and mental games. They are a global experience to open the mind,” says Starck, who has a house on the Venetian island of Burano and has been a “Venetian for 30 years”.

Starck has designed pretty much everything, but one area where he doesn’t feel comfortable is fashion. “I don’t like fashion,” he says, pointing to his own way of dressing. His fourth wife, Jasmine, who is also in the room, tries to qualify the statement suggesting that though Starck is friends with many designers and admires them, fashion just isn’t for him.

“I try to work on timeless longevity and heritage, which is contrary to fashion. We don’t have the same speed or cycle. I respect what they do and I am not able to do what they do, imagine trying to come up with new ideas every two months. I take my time and I do things when I’m sure but they have to produce and produce.''.......Continue Reading

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