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Call for Projects & Research Papers for Seoul 2017

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Call for Projects & Research Papers for Seoul 2017

The 26th International Union of Architects World Congress, UIA 2017 Seoul, will be held at the COEX Convention Center and Dongdaemun Design Plaza  in Seoul, 3-10 September 2017. The Call for Research Papers and Design Works of the UIA 2017 Seoul Academic Program opens on June 22, 2016.

This Program will provide a venue for the presentation of research papers & design works under the primary theme, ''Soul of City'' and its sub-themes:

Subject 1 . Culture
Cities have been developed in accordance with the cultural aspects of own. A city’s profile is the result of the association of historic buildings, yet the given profile reflecting cultures and historic buildings is often heterogeneous. How then can we define and create the uniqueness of a city with various determinants in mind? How should we respond to the phenomena derived from cultural differences? What are the roles of architecture for this?

Subject 2. Future
Mankind strives to further advancing urbanization for survival. Cities, as the cradle of human civilization, have introduced technologies so as to embrace the increase of population. While city governance deliberates urban efficiency and social equilibrium, mankind are threatened by emerging environmental hazards and deviated humane values, often caused by losing control over population density, equilibrium-breaking social powers, and unbalanced housing problem. Architecture can bring in imaginations, emotional charms, and technological benefits to city lives.

Subject 3. Nature

Growth of cities is often associated with the destruction or alternation of the time-honored nature. Urban life, however, needs to have green spaces such as gardens, natural parks or “domesticated landscapes,” and the existence of human beings is also considered as the natural environment. From this point of view, the built environment should not be completely different from the given natural environment; and cities and architectures should be considered as a living organism, inspired by the natural law.

Subject 4. Open-Ended Sub Themes
Proposals for open-ended themes are most welcomed and any other architectural topics not covered by the three sub themes in connections with the UIA 2017’s main theme, ''Soul of City'' Possible topics are may be, but are not limited to: Passion (Arts and Passion, Urban Space Arts, Architecture, and Arts) or Human Value (Suturing and Healing, Justice and Equity, and Community Values), and others.

Submissions will only be accepted online via the official website using English language.

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