Vito Nesto Collection, Wall Coverings/Wall Papers
  Jan 01, 1970 - 00:00

Product Description

A combination of flowers, fruits and exotic plants in extra-large dimensions.

Wallpaper Collection is an exclusive, eclectic selection of wallpapers ideal for multiple furnishing solutions, designed for decorating private homes, contract projects, and hotels.

The Wallpaper Collection is produced in cooperation with designers Francesca Greco, Nina Farré and Vito Nesta. Created to decorate private houses, residential projects and exclusive boutique hotels, this original, elegant and versatile proposal is perfectly aligned with the philosophy of the brand.

The Devon&Devon Wallpaper Collection adapts seamlessly to a wide variety of different contexts, suggesting interior ambiances from the classical to the exquisitely eclectic.

The 32 themes selected range from geometrical motifs to three-dimensional and optical effects, to motifs inspired by Art Déco, together with oriental and arabesque patterns, including brightly-coloured and surreal floral and animalier motifs. In addition, imagery includes goldfsh, dreamlike landscapes and retro fabrics, all perfect for designing fascinating, eclectic and timeless atmospheres.








Technical Information / Product Data

The wallpaper is available in five colours: make-up, wine, black&white, botanica dark and botanica grey.

Designer: Vito Nesto

Master Format Category: 09 72 23 -