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is to design a building which reflect the prophet life and the massage he came to spread



Technical data

The museum talks about the prophet life and the message he came with which is the massage of Islam. when the prophet came with the massage of Islam it covered all life aspects, and there is three main life aspects which are mental, relations and behaviors so i started with three masses each mass represent one of these aspects after that i added a long mass connecting all these three aspects which is the museum, that museum starts in the ground floor and ends in the last floor to represent how the massage came as a small and end at the highest point.

Project team

Designer: Hanan Abdullah Bucklain Supervisor: Dr. Mohammed Fekry

Image Credit: Design process
Image Credit: Night View
Image Credit: Ground Floor
Image Credit: First Floor
Image Credit: Second Floor
Image Credit: View 2
Image Credit: Main Elevation
Image Credit: Section
Image Credit: Side Elevation
Image Credit: Site Plan
Image Credit: View 3
Image Credit: View 1

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