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In this project, it is aimed to find out a new interpretation of office spaces by questioning the idea of transparency, openness and accesibility. Bornova Municapility Building is aimed to be a location where public realm, urban space and local management meet with a high level of interaction. How this interaction would find its definition in a space is conisedered as a main design problem of the project.



Technical data

Location: İzmir, Turkey Site Area: 22.000 sqm Total Area: 46.900 sqm

Project team

FREA Fatih Yavuz / Architect / METU (Project Leader) Emre Şavural / Architect / METU SCRA Ramazan Avcı / Architect / Dokuz Eylül Univ. Seden Cinasal Avcı / Architect / Gazi Univ. PROJECT TEAM Yücel Hüseyin Sala / Architect / İYTE Faruk Ünlü / Student / METU Melih Tokaç / Student / METU Nazlı Kübran Şahin / Student / Kocaeli Univ. Mertkan Günaslan / Student / Kocaeli Univ.

WA Award

Bornova Municipality Building by FREA in Turkey won the WA Award Cycle 22. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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