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Bengo Studio joints multiple wooden rooms around a central staircase for Qiyun Mountain Tree Hotel

China - Apr 20, 2017 - 15:51   4808 views

A group of wooden units are connected by a central staircase and overlapped, rotated to create different sceneries in the region of Xiuning of China, which is 33 kilometres south of Huangshan City, Anhui Province.

Designed by Bengo Studio, the Qiyun Mountain Tree House hotel is surrounded by a sea of red cedars in China's rural region. The 11-metre-tall tree house is of the same height as its neighboring mature-age red cedars. 

The house consists of superposition of seven rooms, changing in various sizes -ranging from six to nine square meters- it features entrance hall, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, the living room and the landscape room. 

The two sets of bedrooms and bathrooms are separated by the entrance hall, thus available for two families to live in at the same time without disturbing one another. The living room and the landscape room are built at the top of the house as public space. All seven rooms are connected by a spiral staircase in the center.

''The Qiyun Mountain Tree House invites the guests in from the glass glazed gallery in the central layer leading to the entrance hall before they go upstairs/downstairs to the two sets of rooms,'' said Bengo Studio.

''The guests get to each room by climbing up/down climbing 1.6 meters up/down the central spiral staircase. As they move to different parts of the house, a panoramic view of the forest is guaranteed, offering a unique visitor experience of enjoying the forest scene at different heights.''

The rooms in the tree house are not big at all. In fact, they were designed to be extremely small. Yet, the glass window at one end of the room is as big as the entire wall that faces the view. Though the guests stay in a small room, their attention is drawn to a great expanse of forest outside the window.

The tree hotel house is built with steel-structure. The structural core of the central spiral staircase was first built, joined by the cantilevered room structure. The studio specifically doesn't use wood from other regions as it might cause plant disease and insect pest to this area, the architects use red cedar wood as the façade material for the tree house.

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