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MONU #26 on Decentralised Urbanism Out Now

Netherlands - Apr 20, 2017 - 14:14   3236 views

MONU Magazine released its 26th issue on Decentralised Urbanism. In each issue, MONU Magazine delves into different stages/processes of healthy/liveable urbanism for the cities, plus, with the words of Bernd Upmeyer, editor-in-chief of MONU.

Centrality is dead. Lars Lerup does not hold back in an interview with us entitled "The City Is Dead! Long Live Urbanization…". In this new issue of MONU authors discuss what centrality means for cities today and explore and assess cities that are organized in a decentralized or polycentric way - something we call "Decentralised Urbanism" - in general and as a strategy to plan the growth of cities and their metropolitan areas. Thus, to a certain extent, they continue the discussion of MONU #19, entitled "Greater Urbanism", on how metropolitan areas of cities should be organized in terms of governance, politics, space, architecture, sociology, ecology, and economics, but now with a focus on "Decentralised Urbanism"

According to Lerup we eventually should be able to understand urbanization as a vibrant kind of fast and slow moving apparatus, and in a way as a virus that reproduces itself at the same time....Continue Reading

Cover image is courtesy of Michael Wolf. The image is part of his contribution ''Tokyo Compression'' on page 81. © Michael Wolf

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