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How does it work?

In this new marketplace, our offer to the Building and Construction Materials and Products Manufacturers as well as Industry Service Providers is quite simple:

  1. Building and construction materials manufacturers and/or service providers in the same field may enlist by paying an affordable annual fee of $2,400 (see our introductory offer below) and create their company profile page.
  2. They list as many of their products, materials and services as they wish, with photos, videos, documentation, etc. - there is no limit! There is also no limit on time, when it comes to updating their product/service pages within the enrollment year. This means they can create a simple product page to start with, with only a few descriptive explanations of their products and a couple of photos. Then later on, they can change or update their product/service page with new information, like updates to the technical information, new photos, new videos or even add a newly created Draft Technical Specifications Document - see below for how we can help with that document.
  3. The materials, products and services are then listed for a period of 1 year from enrolment, with the ability to be searched and filtered in a comprehensive way for architects to lookup and find what they are looking for within pre-defined categories. Access to this list is free for all our visitors, there is no fee for architects or others to consult this list.
  4. Once the architects make their selection on their materials, products or services, they can directly get in touch with the manufacturers or service providers. World Architecture Community is not involved in the subsequent transaction and does not expect any commissions or other payments for this service. Only the payment of the annual fee to enrol as per #1 above.

Introductory Offer

In addition, and as an introductory offer, if you enrol before October 31st, 2019, we offer a 40% discount, whereby you only pay $1,440 (for the 1st year). Then from November 1st to December 31st, 2019, we will offer 20% off from the regular price of $2,400.

So make sure not to miss the opportunity to take advantage of this great offer.


EXCLUSIVE: Draft Technical Specifications Documents

"World Architecture Materials brings the materials' or products' Draft Technical Specifications Documentation to the desk of the architect..."

One of the most painful activities for architects is the creation of Product Data and Draft Technical Specifications documents, which are needed by the contractors, who has to build the project in accordance to the requirements put forward by the architect. We also would like to inform those interested in the creation of internationally accepted Product Data and Draft Technical Specifications documents that our associated company Innocent (Innovation Centre for Design & Technology), in partnership with pro^GE, a well reputed project management firm, offers attractive rates to assist in that effort. Having those documents attached to the Manufacturers' or Service Providers' products, materials or services will increase the chances of architects picking those products and materials over others.

Both for Manufacturers and Architects

The creation of such Product Data and Draft Technical Specifications documentation requires a certain level of experience and/or expertise, and both Innocent and pro^GE have over a decade of experience in project management and technical specifications. They are ready to provide their services to both the manufacturers who are not comfortable with the creation of such documentation, and the architects who need such documentation to be ready for their next project. Please contact for more information on this service. You see a sample Draft Technical Specifications Document here...

What are the payment methods?

There are 2 options for payment:

  • Credit card(1) payment via SSL-secured (with 3-D Secure(2) payment authentication where available) or,
  • International bank transfer / wire.

In terms of credit cards, World Architecture Community accepts:

  • Visa and MasterCard (both available globally), 

and coming soon:

  • AliPay (available in China),
  • Qiwi (available in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan),
  • TrustPay (available in Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, and Slovakia) and finally,
  • SafetyPay (available in Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Brasil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, and Peru).

Where do I begin?

Please read the notes below before proceeding.

  • Preparation - First of all, make sure what products, materials and/or services you want to have listed. If not already on hand, prepare their high-quality photos, description, technical information, additional files and documents (ex: catalogue, brochure, etc.) you want to upload along with it. Please make also sure these are all available in English.
  • Join WAC - Click the orange button below to create your World Architecture Community account by registering.
  • Register With Your Own Name - As registered accounts on World Architecture Community are personal, please use your first and last name to register. You must first register as a specific person, with your own name and e-mail address. You will later be guided to create a company page.
  • Choose "Manufacturer / Service Provider" - If it is not already selected as the default value for you, please make sure "Manufacturer / Service Provider" is selected as your Status in the registration form.
  • Optional: Create Admin Accounts - You will later be able to add additional users to manage and/or update your company page or your products/services pages. This service is free, you may have as many administrators as you wish.
  • E-Mail Activation - Once you complete the registration form, you will be sent an activation e-mail to validate your e-mail address. Click Activate on that e-mail and follow the instructions thereafter.
  • Payment - The next step will take you to the payment page. Please use either credit card or bank transfer for your payment - see above.
  • Create Your Company Page - Once your payment is received, you will be directed to a page to create your company profile page.
  • Create Your Product Page(s) - After your company page is created, you will be able to start creating your individual material, product or service pages.
  • Need Help? - Please contact for more information.
  • Register by clicking Subscribe Now button in your WAC Settings.

(1) Credit Card payments are made through a secure bank interface. World Architecture Community does not receive or keep your credit card information.

(2) 3-D Secure is an authenticated payment system to improve online transaction security and encourage the growth of e-commerce payments. Collectively Visa, MasterCard and AMEX secure systems are brand identities of the 3-D Secure Cardholder Authentication Scheme. 3-D Secure systems recreate the high level of security of a physical payment environment by requesting further payment authentication. The objective is to provide a safe and secure online payment experience across all three domains using a password that is validated by the card issuer and further checked by all other parties involved in the transaction (more on 3-D Secure payments on MasterCard's website).