Architect and planner born in Iraq; Professor of Architecture and Dean of the Faculty of Arts at Amman University in Jordan

Academic Qualifications: Bachelor in Architecture, UWIST,
Cardiff, Wales, 1968.

Master in Arts, Urban Planning,
Sheffield University (UK), 1974.

PhD in Architectural & Urban
Conservation, Sheffield
University (UK), 1977.

Present Position: Chairman, Departments of Graphic Design and Interior Design,
College of Arts, Philadelphia University, Amman, since Sept.2007.

Former Positions: 2000-2007, Dean, College of Arts, Amman University.

1997-1999, Dean, College of Engineering & Design, Bayan
University, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

1993-1995, Dean, College of Art & Architecture, Petra University,
Amman, Jordan.

1986-1991, Chairman, Baghdad School of Architecture, Baghdad
University, Baghdad, Iraq.

Founder, Architectural Heritage Section, Baghdad Municipality.

Member, Supreme Committee of Cultural Heritage of Iraq.

Consultant to: Getty Conservation Institute, since 2005.

World Monument Fund, since 2005.

ICCROM, since 2007.

Iraqi Council of Culture.

Orfali Art Gallery, Amman, Jordan.

Membership: Member, International Association of Art Critics (AICA).

Member, Iraqi Society of Architects.

Member, Iraqi Union of Engineers.

Member, Iraqi Union of Artists.


Dr. Ihsan Fethi and Jabra, I. Jabra, Baghdad -Yesterday and Today , ( Book in
Amanat Al-Assima, Baghdad, 1987, 260 Pages. An English Edition was also
completed but remains unpublished.

Dr. Ihsan Fethi, Stefano Bianca, G.Lombardi, and Sohiko Yamada (J.C.P)
Consultants (Tokyo), Redevelopment and Conservation of Rusafa, Baghdad,
Amanat Al-Assima, 5 volumes, Tokyo, 1985, (English).

Dr. Ihsan Fethi and John Warren, Traditional Houses in Baghdad, Horsham, U.K.

Dr. Ihsan Fethi, The Architectural Heritage in Baghdad, Iraq Cultural Center,
London, 1979.

• Paper- Architectural Design Trends in Arab Gulf States Today: Between the
Euphoria of Fantasy and the Quest for Singular Distinction, Keynote Paper
submitted to the World Housing Congress, Terengganu, Malaysia, 1-5 July

• Paper- The Ustas of Baghdad, Unknown Masters of Building Craft and
Tradition, to be published soon in a book on the Architecture of Baghdad, by
Caecilia Pieri, Paris, 2007.

• Paper- The Destruction of Arab Cultural Heritage submitted to the Conference
on the Middle East, Aix-en-Provence, France, 14-218.6.2005. Proceedings
published in 2007, S.N.librairie Orientaliste Paul Geuthner, Paris, pp.155-167.

• Paper- Protection and Restoration of the Colonial Architecture of Baghdad,
submitted to the Conference on Colonial Architectural Heritage-The European
Experience, Paris, 7-10 Sept.2005, published in a Book entitled Architecture
Coloniale et Patrimoine, Experiences Europeennes, Institut National du
Patrimoine, Paris 2006, pp198-203

• Paper- Iraqs Cultural Heritage: Loss and Destruction-The Case for
Restoration and Reconstruction, published in Book Heritage at Risk,
ICOMOS, Paris 2005, pp.122-124.

• Paper- Urban Conservation in the Arab World, some critical issues and
lessons, keynote speaker, Conference, Bahrain Society of Engineers, Bahrain,

• Paper- Keynote Paper, Threats Facing Iraqs Cultural Heritage, Cityscape
Conference, Dubai, 21.10.2003. Also published in Architecture + Magazine,
vol. 1, 05, 2004, pp.12-13.

• Paper- Iraqi Architecture in Historical Perspective, submitted to Beirut
Heritage Society, Fourth International Conference, Beirut, Lebanon, 8.11.2001.

• Paper, Restoration Practices in Iraq, a Critical Review, submitted to
Conference on Cultural Resources Management, Yarmook University, 28-

• Paper- Energy and Architecture, the Missing Ecological Dimension in
Architectural Education and Contemporary Arab Architecture, submitted to
Conference on Science and Technology, Challenges of the 21st Century,
Association of Arab Scientists, Sharjah University, 24-26.4.2000.

• Paper-Contemporary Architecture In Baghdad-Roots and Transitions” A
Critical Essay, Published in English and Japanese in “Process Architecture”,
No 58 (Baghdad -Special Issue), Tokyo, Pp. 112-132. Also Published in
“Gilgamesh’ Magazine, 1987.

• Paper-“The Mosque Today: An Essay”: A critical analysis of contemporary
mosque architecture in the Islamic World. In “Architecture In Continuity”,
Sherban Cantacuzino (ed) Aga Khan Publications, New York, 1985.

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