Dai Pu is the founder & director architect of Daipu Architects. He has been invited to Taikang Space "BUILDING ISSUES", 2017, Beijing ; "Curitiba International Biennial", 2017, Brazil; "Shanghai Urban Space Art Season", 2017, Shanghai; "Towards a Critical Pragmatism: Contemporary Architecture in China", Harvard, USA; "ZAO - Architecture of China" , 2014, Lyons, France and so on. His first work -Tree Art Museum in 2012, is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful art museums in China and also rated as one of the nine most well-designed places in Beijing by Timeout Magazine. His artwork "Super Beijing" was collected by Shanghai Himalayas Museum. Daipu has been awarded gold award of "Golden Lotus International Design Invitational Tournament" in Macao and won "40 Under 40¨ Architect Award from Perspective Magazine. And he successively won "American Interior Design‘s Best of Year Awards - Winner" and "IIDA Global Excellence Awards - Winner" in 2017.


Huazhong University of Science and Technology


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