We aim to design attractive buildings and cities which
are socially and environmentally responsible.

About SHAU
SHAU was established in 2008 by Florian Heinzelmann, Tobias Hofmann and Daliana Suryawinata with offices in Rotterdam (NL), Munich (DE) and Bandung (ID). Our practice offers a comprehensive approach to projects from architecture design to urban planning and regional strategy. SHAU provides design, technical advice and execution supervision in all stages of the project, especially with respect to social, urban and environmental contexts. Together with our clients and collaborators we aim to create socially and environmentally innovative projects with outstanding design that incorporates alternative energy sources for sustainable development. We work with commitment, passion and attention for quality no matter the scale and type of project. Our clients include both private and public entities such as individuals, corporations, real estate developers, housing associations, city authorities, ministries and embassies.

After years of experience and recognition, SHAU has built a vast network of professionals and academics from different disciplines and institutes worldwide. Some of our collaborators include the Indonesian Diaspora Network (IDN), the Netherlands Embassy in Jakarta, Deltares, Future Cities Lab, NUS, ETH, KCAP, OMA, MVRDV, andramatin, PT Han Awal and Partners among others. Several key projects of SHAU include 'Muara Angke Fishing Village' housing and masterplan in Jakarta, 'Leitenhaus' single-family house by the Danube in Germany, 'Film Park' and 'Microlibraries' in Bandung.
SHAU is also actively involved in various cultural and creative events worldwide. Either as curator or contributor we have participated in international exhibitions like The Venice Biennale and the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, master classes, lectures and workshops. Some of the events initiated and led by us were ‘Kota Tua Creative Festival’ and ‘Jakarta Vertical Kampung’ masterclass.
Please visit our website www.shau.nl or drop us a mail at [email protected] for more information.


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