Born 1952, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Tulane University (and Architectural Association 1973-74).

From 1975-80, Associate with his Father (HTC Davis AIA Architects). 1981, Partner (JRC-HTC Davis AIA Arquitectos). From 1983-85, Toro Ferrer Arquitectos, closely working under both eminent principals until the closing of this renowned-trendsetting firm, later continued to collaborate with them (rehabilitation of the Supreme Court Building [Toro-Ferrer 1954]). After 1985, became JRC Davis Pagán Arquitectos completing various prestigious projects, such as the Asilo de Beneficencia, Ponce Fine Arts School and the Carolina Fine Arts School. End of 1999 to 2004 the firm became Davis, Fuster Arquitectos, executing significant projects (reconstruction of Island's main public market [Rio Piedras] & acclaimed residential work [Casa del Castillo, Casa Sham]). Since mid 2004, has sustained trajectory with diverse endeavors (University Gardens High School, Caguas District Police Headquarters, Condado Lagoon Park). Completing acclaimed University of Puerto Rico Theater in 2007, continue various projects within the historic quadrangle and site improvements within UPR’s historic main campus.

His contribution to the Island’s architectural heritage has been in the field of adaptive reuse of historic structures, augmented with a well-established record of contemporary designs – acknowledging Puerto Rico’s tropical context (housing, academic, institutional and public-urban interventions).


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