Born in 1941, Muhammad Pervaiz Vandal did his Matriculation (1956) and Intermediate Pre Engineering (1958) from Hasanabdal Cadet College, Punjab standing first in the College in both the exams.
Foregoing his admission in the then Maclagan College of Engineering (later to be the West Pakistan University of Engineering and Technology) he preferred to join the Government College Lahore to do a Bachelor of Arts to attain a rounded education. He proceeded on a scholarship to study Architecture at the American University of Beirut. (1964)
Pervaiz Vandal joined the university of Engineering and Technology in January 1965 and continues to be active as an academic and a professional. His theory of art education calls for an integrated approach in the teaching of arts wherein study of the culture of a people becomes the springboard in developing art forms, including architecture. His practice illustrates his philosophy.
He founded the Trust for History of Art and Architecture in Pakistan (THAAP) that holds public interest lectures and organizes international conference. THAAP has organized annual international conferences since 2010. The eighth such conference was held in November 2017.
He has an architectural practice in partnership with Professor Sajida Vandal under the name of Pervaiz Vandal & Associates. The Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA) has awarded the Sir Robert Mathew Award, 2016, for excellence in Architecture to a British Firm Grimshaw Architects, UK, and Pervaiz Vandal & Associates, PK, jointly. This is the first time that the Award has come to Pakistan.
Books authored:
The Raj, Lahore and Bhai Ram Singh, NCA, 2007 – co author Professor Sajida Vandal
1. Thaap Journal 2010, Historiography of Architecture in Pakistan and the Region.
2. Thaap Journal 2011, Portrait of Lahore, The Capital City of the Punjab.
3. Thaap Journal 2012, Life in Small Towns.
4. Thaap Journal 2013, Cultural Roots of the Art and Architecture of the Punjab.
5. Thaap Journal 2014, Culture, Art and Architecture of the Marginalized and the Poor.
6. Thaap Journal 2015, Peoples History of Pakistan
7. Thaap Journal 2016, People and the City.
8. Thaap Journal 2017, The City: an Evolving Organism.
9. Thaap Journal 2018, Art, Tolerance and Democracy.


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