CAA (Core of Architecture & Art) – founded by Liu Haowei in 2005 – is an architecture studio focus on building projects and interior design. After ten years of innovation and creative activities, CAA has achieved its unique position in the Chinese architecture field, become one of the most innovative architecture studio in the China. CAA also becoming a design platform, which attracts many creative talents from all over the world to join. It has offices both in Beijing and New York.

Directed by their “Design for Tomorrow” principle, CAA continues its research on how “Future Parallel City”could bring positive impact to the society, and how to carry it out to a sustainable development. This research been applied to many of their projects, which are covering various fields such as art, fashion and visual communication.

The excellent team members with their multi-cultural backgrounds, create a very open working structure, thus it leads CAA involve in various types of architectural projects.

They include museums, cultural centers, public spaces, transportation facilities, interior design, private houses, product design and art installations. Examples such as private villa design in Beverly Hills, L.A., USA in 2008; interior design for the Chinese high-speed trains in 2009, which has been called the “National Identity” by the public; healthcare facilities Smile Angels Children’s hospital in 2012 etc. Currently CAA is working on one of the most exciting architecture project – the Weifang Art Museum, which will be completed in 2018.


CAFA - China Academy of Fine Arts


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