SABRI PAYIGIT DESGIN OFFICE shorted as SPDO is an architectural design studio with 50 architects and a specific business developing team.
The role is to create a vision through projects and Costumer to bring the result that appriciete,
Architectural aspects which covers Environmental, Economical and logical factors of the location.
The Office stated as REM ARCHITECTURAL in 2002 then later according to brand developments the
name changed to the current name, SABRI PASAYIGIT DESIGN OFFICE in 2011. The Office works with
best and biggest construction companies inside and out of country which are Brands in the business
on Multi-Scale Projects, specifically large scaling.
The Office is divided to specific areas of design includes specialist on each subject. this system helps
to have a very disciplined sequence for each project and present a fast office performance idea. Each
following groups has advisers with over 15 years experience .
_ Concept group
_Design Development Group
_Official Architectural Drawing Group
_ Construction and Architectural Detail group
A project starts by a concept design , after costumer approval of first Ideas and developed Ideas, will
become ready for municipality of the city approvals by Development group, then other details of
construction will be added in the steps in Official drawings and Construction and architectural details,
so each project starts and take process to the final levels at SPDO.
The experience on different Architectural subjects made a remarkable portfolio for SDPO in each
and all cases, the subject of Residential, Commercial, Landscaping and Urban design in different
locations and specific studies for each area following the theme of local standards and atmosphere.
From 2014 the new strategy of international activities executed in SPDO by opening a new office in
Dubai, to focus on Middle East area specifically.
The official language of the office is Turkish, also fluent in English, Italian and French for international projects.



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