Günay Erdem (born April 18, 1978) is one of the inspiring and innovative architects in his generation all over the globe.

In all his designs Günay Erdem dissolves the boundaries of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. By the help of his interdisciplinary approach Mr. Erdem develops designs in more comprehensive manner and his designs gains significant innovative characteristics.

Since 1998 Mr. Erdem designed and supervised many different types of projects varying from single functional projects to metropolis sized mixed use projects. Types of projects he developed varies from common to very extreme ones.

Günay Erdem designed hundreds of architectural, landscape architectural and urban design projects in more than 40 different countries. Some of his projects were awarded in international competitions and some of them received recognition awards from international institutions. Mr. Erdem was invited to conferences to present his projects in many institutions all over the globe.

Günay Erdem has special academic expertise and deep knowledge in the fields of “Basics of Design”, “Architectural Design”, “Architectural Idea Development and Presentation”, “Conceptual Design” and “Ethics in Architecture”. Günay Erdem was invited to many universities to give lectures and share his academic expertise


Middle East Technical University


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