we distrubute seating in the u.s. and worldwide
we have a wide range of seats that might meet your requirements. we understand that your company wants high quality products.

everyone at euro seating is committed to making each seat an aesthetically beautiful , because beauty is simply a quality which enhances, if that is possible, the usefulness of the even more. the fruit of the sum of these two conditions is the quality that is valued by our customers all over the world.

we strive continuously to improve and that is why we are proud to hold the iso 9001:2000 and iso 14001:2004 certificates. the quality and value of our unique cinema, theatre and conference hall chairs are unsurpassed. (five-year warranty). they provide years of comfort and and will outperform any chair on the market.

external organisations evaluate us but, above all, customers in over 80 countries examine our seats every day and live the experience of using them. honestly, this is the highest satisfaction but not our sole intention.

euro seating understands innovation as the constant search for improvement in products and processes. when this concept is the cornerstone of our philosophy and is applied by proven experts then it bears fruit. you would find the variance here and from my point of view you have to discover it. innovating is what gives us strength and makes us leaders.

worldwide-patented standards

· euro seating is the only manufacturer in the world producing cinema models with polypropylene plastic injected standards.

· these long lasting standards avoid corrosion and oxidation from cleaning.

· these standards provide easy, fast and high quality installations for all venues.

uniblock cushions

· euro seating produces backs and seats with totally integrated pieces of fabric, foam and inner plastic support structures.

· these non-upholstered chairs have no seams and the fabric never slips.

· cushions replace easily with no down time for less than the cost of dry cleaning or re-upholstering.

these high technology solutions allow euro seating to offer a high quality and the shortest delivery terms at the most competitive prices.

innovation in the technology of injecting plastics, in the upholstery using uniblock® i and uniblock® ii systems… innovation in every line and series of products, we create and launch onto the market. that is why, for us, inventing and innovating is the direct consequence of the feeling that makes us advance. it is the expression of our identity.

the result of this research is the ecoseat® and colorseat® range of seating. as our starting point we took our exclusive plastic injection moulding technology and over 10 years’ experience producing these structures for installations all over the world. then, we have used the latest advances in plastics research in order to enable us to get as near as possible to our inspiration: wood and the colours. we have been as faithful as possible to the original raw material both in terms of textures and of colours and finishes, but we have managed to reproduce natural wood with totally recyclable high quality plastics.

colorseat® has been created to triumph through its aesthetic force and its daring proposal - it transmits a personality that leaves nobody indifferent. and of course, these new creations maintain the undeniable quality of the materials from which each seat is made. it is a true touch of colour.

euro seating does not propose closed product brochures. our is to offer design and composition options which spring from our experience and research in materials, colours, textures… in this way our customers have before them all the options, once they have already passed the stringent examination of our engineers, designers, creative staff and users.

euro seating is also able to consider any special request from the customer. colors yourself.

we can offer any other model of high range that be of yours interest and downtimes are short (few weeks) and the installation is very simple, without needing maintenance.

we installed our products in cinemas, theaters, audiences, conference halls, stages, churches and places of cult, sport facilities, ferris and boats. in ferris and boats our products have demonstrated a value without equal not to affect the oxidation nor the corrosion and to have a smaller weight than products of other competitors. also we have implemented a system to adapt our seats to telescopic / retractable bleachers.

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