Onat Öktem graduated from Middle East Technical University (METU), Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture in 2004. He pursued his masters in the Faculty of Architecture in Netherlands, Delft University of Technology, in 2006 for one year. He worked for the Dutch architectural firm 24H>Architecture in Rotterdam during this period.Öktem continues his architectural practice in his firm ONZ Architects, founded in 2007. Besides working in different scaled projects as an architect, he won many prizes in both international and national architectural competitions.Öktem works as a part-time instructor for METU/Ankara, fourth year Architecture Studio since 2010. He also attends juries and studios in architecture faculties as a guest instructor in other universities.In addition to his architectural and academic works, Öktem founded “Creative Initiative” where he curates and designs a series of architectural exhibitions, lectures and workshops. The “Young Dutch Architecture” exhibition series curated by Creative Initiative brought together many important and international contributors.


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