Planet 3 Studios is a design studio where creativity, skill and knowledge are essentials and everybody is encouraged to bring an intellectual and creative mind-set to work. A firm in which experienced architects, interior designers, project management professionals work in a communized environment, discussing and sharing insights very formally. The creative energy, skill, competence and dedication of our team is next to none.

For a studio that is eight years old, we have already won numerous national and international level awards and secured close to a million sft high end in hospitality, institutional, corporate, retail, and residential projects across different categories. From educational institutions to nightclubs and everything in between. The reason we do not restrict ourselves to any particular segment of design opportunity is because we get energized with new challenges. We love cross fertilization of ideas, where insights from hospitality situation are applied in corporate situation and in turn in design of healthcare facilities!

The essence of our way is to address the fundaments through intense programming, offer solutions that balance wit and wisdom, keep it fresh and never lose the visual appeal. We believe that it is possible to be profound and light hearted at the same time. We do not burden ourselves with ‘isms’ and focus on the context, the client and the realities of budget and time.


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