I am an urban planner, architect, writer, and social advocate. I am founder and coordinator of the think tank and research platform DISCURSIVE FORMATIONS. My beliefs are grounded in acknowledging the need for new frames of reference and critical discourses on spatial culture in Lebanon and the region.

I hold a Master of Urban Design from the American University of Beirut (2007) and a Bachelor in Architectural Engineering from Beirut Arab University (2002). Besides my practice in architecture and urban planning, I have worked with the United Nations on development, MDGs, and urban governance in Lebanon, Kuwait, and Jordan, and I have consulted for the American University of Beirut and NGOs on spatial studies and infographics. I occasionally participate in lectures and seminars and currently practice as an urban planner with Dar Al-Handassah in Lebanon and the Arab Gulf Region.

I am the laureate of the 2008 Basil Fuleihan Innovative Good Governance Award for my work on Beirut’s Park, and I am the editor of the book “At the Edge of the City: Reinhabiting Public Space toward the Recovery of Beiruts Horsh Al-Sanawbar”.


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