Renowned for curating innovative and sustainable solutions in today’s rapidly changing built environment, Access Architects is one of the most prolific architectural firms based in Mumbai. The company was founded in 1981 by architect, interior designer and urbanist, Atul Shah and is now joined by his son, Jay Shah and his nephew, Anuj Shah as the company’s Directors. The team of Access Architects encompasses a group of highly qualified, creative architects who aim to execute architectural designs while combining disciplines of architecture and interior design to achieve a seamless project for the client. Access Architects specialises in master planning and architectural design while aiming to provide value improving practices. A boutique architecture firm, it is one of the First Architectural offices that adopted the use of computers to design structures in the early 90s and is a pioneer user of BIM software, 3d scanners & printers, and virtual reality (VR) that help fabricate better living environments. The firm has well incorporated the use of immersive reality in their approach towards design and understand that the world of 3D virtual engineering is fast growing.


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