Architect ETSA Sevilla
ETSA Seville Doctorate Courses and Faculty of Fine Arts Granada
Doctor of Architecture ETSA Granada –sobresaliente cum laude-
Professor of ETSA projects. from Granada since 1997
Excellent evaluation of teaching quality by the University of Granada
Stay at the Pontifical University of Santiago de Chile. 01.04.-01.07.2019
Director of the architecture summer course. Motril 2000
Professor of the Summer Course. Motril 2000
Visiting professor at the PFC Tribunal. Rennes -France- 2002
Professor of the end of master project ETSA Granada. 2016-19
Secretary of the end of degree and end of master's ETSA Granada court. 2012-19
Member of the ETSA Granada final degree work tribunal. 2016-19
Member of the opposition court, assistant professor doctor ETSA Granada. 2019
Member of the opposition court associate professor ETSA Granada. 2020
Member of the PUC FADEU Santiago de Chile exam commission. 2019
Installations and exhibitions with architecture students by academic year
Speaker at the Drift Workshop (creative improvisation strategies and territorial exploration). 2011
Organization of conferences, courses and seminars related to the improvement of knowledge for teaching activity


Membership of the research group HUM813 of the ETSA of Granada
Research work From Valle Paraíso to Valparaíso. Two cities through the looking glass. PUC FADEU Santiago de Chile
Member of the teaching innovation project (Del mar al monte 2008/09
Member of the teaching innovation project (De La Araña a los Montes de Málaga 2009/10
Member of the teaching innovation project (Innovation in the teaching methodology of the 2018/19 project
Author of the Definition of the Historic Site of Granada
Author of the elaboration of the Documentation for the Intervention in the Historical Heritage
Author of the diagnosis of the Alcazaba Cadima Wall
Member in the elaboration of the General Plan of Cultural Assets
Member in the elaboration of the Protection of Buildings of Cultural Interest
Author of the study on slum housing in the province of Granada
Architecture of the Vega de Granada


Chapter of the book. Contemporary architecture and culture. Architecturally sustainable landscapes Editorial Abada. Ranking 66
Evolution of the Natural and Artificial landscape in the city of Granada during the Political Transition (1975-2000). Editorial Comares S.L. Ranking 11
Granada Architecture Guide. General Directorate of Architecture of the Junta de Andalucía. Ranking 95


Bulletin of the Artistic Center of Granada IV Nº8. The Alhambra. 2019
Project Newsletter. ETSAG. School-Alhambra. 2017.
Interview in publication Back 2 alhambra. 2004
A guide raises a critical debate on contemporary architecture in Andalusia. The World1999
The recovery and use of the Alcázar Genil de Granada. Ideal 1988
Comments on the work: Casa Ayuntamiento de Maracena. AAO1984


Co-director of the architecture studio Martin & Martin arquitectos. Granada Co-director of the SIMAR architectes studio. Geneva
In charge of the Culture Commission of the Granada Delegation of COAAO 1982
Provincial Architect of Fine Arts. 1985-87
Jury in various architectural competitions
Patron of the Contemporary Architecture Foundation. 2002-10
International Spanish Architecture Award. FAC CSCAE


Featured Awards:
Three times a finalist in the Biennial of Spanish Architecture
Twice a finalist in the 10 Years of Spanish Architecture Exhibition
Finalist in the FAD premises of Iberian Architecture
Award for the best work built in Andalusia
Second prize for the best work built in Andalusia
Nominated for the Aga Khan International Architecture Prize
Cultural Center Building Award in Granada
Selected Pediatric Hospital in Geneva -Switzerland-
Various awards in social housing competitions in Andalusia
Selected with a work in the Spanish Architecture Guide 1920/2000
Selected with two works in the Contemporary Andalusia Architecture Guide
Selected for the architectural idea in the international competition of the School of Architecture of Granada


Architect PhD University of Granada


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