I am a photographer specialising in architectural and interiors photography.

I spend most of my time between the Nordics, UK, UAE and Spain, but as you will see on this site I work all around the world and love to travel.

I’ve called this company Archmospheres because my work focuses on architecture and atmosphere. They are what motivate me to take pictures. I love the way light reveals the texture of a wall, how elements in a room compose in a frame, how the weather shapes a landscape as much as the contours of the land.

This work is a collaboration with architects and interior designers. My job is to show your work through photography that looks natural creating spaces that look real. Inconveniences are removed and the beauty of the subject is enhanced just enough to reveal the designer’s intentions. Engaging in the collaborative process in so many different environments has helped me to see atmosphere as an ever-changing thing which you can capture in a photograph if you are present, diligent and a bit lucky.

If you have a project that you’re ready to share, please contact me to start I can begin understand what you want to convey in your design and help you to create architectural atmospheres.

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