IU Social Anthropology, MA/ History Theory and Criticism in Architecture, MA/ KTU Architecture, BArch.
waseem ahmad is a Pakistani-born, lives in Istanbul, a researcher, and an academic. His main focus is considered as, autobiographical methodologies following /spatial storytelling / translocation / boundary / home /that later yearns for the possible collectivity. After living half of his life, away from home. He has only recently little by little begun to realize that the very idea of being "at home" is actually the precise idea of "making home." It is the precise realization, or perhaps an act, that encompasses the formation of relationships through coming together, the coexistence of learning together, the invitations of embracing altogether, the ethics of living next door, or the gatherings with any sort of "side-by-sidedness" to form the relationship of friendship, all under the very same roof of hospitality.


Istanbul University


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