Tan Yamanouchi & AWGL is an architectural design studio based in Tokyo, Japan.

Our architectural design philosophy has three pillars:

“Design as if translating the narrative and context of the site into architecture”

We pursue buildings that fit in with their neighborhood surroundings, appearing as if they have always been there, even when a design is new and distinctive.

Since the lifespan of a building is longer than that of a human, we aim to generate architectural narratives on a longer time scale.

“Creating buildings that float a few centimeters above our daily lives”

We strive to create buildings that remain tied to our tangible everyday reality yet float a few centimeters above our daily lives; and designs that evoke a scene from a fairy tale but propose logical architectural solutions.

We pursue buildings that balance a solid sense of reality, presence, and texture while evoking a sense of fictional narrative, like a scene from your memory.

“Designing sustainable buildings”

We aim to always create comprehensively sustainable buildings that encapsulate economic rationality, social ethics, and sometimes a critique, in addition to achieving environmental load reduction.

Architecture is a comprehensive art that involves many people. We will continue our endeavor to realize comprehensively sustainable buildings and take initiative in our creative work as an architect.


Keio University


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