Coming from the most diverse country in the world, India, from having space crunch in cities to having the whole sky to oneself, I have seen it all. From narrow streets to canopy-laden roads, I have seen it all.

From having it difficult to understand one’s privacy to be a support system in difficult times, people connect. These spaces bind them and so stand strong as the foundation of society. The environment itself has made me sensitive enough to reciprocate it emotionally as well as architecturally.

From college assignments to real-world projects, the driving force has always been problem-solving. Finding solutions by going deep down to the root and not superficially, still attaining aesthetic value and a sense of belonging.

Architecture is very personal, personal to place, climate, topology, the user (/s); everyone (/everything). This makes it exquisite as it doesn’t compete to establish a monarchy but generates whole different personal worlds.

This variety gives it unfathomable overwhelming boundaries, which, if not all at once, but one by one, will add to my horizon, make me a better human, and simultaneously a better designer.


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