Pier Maria Giordani was born in Parma in 1969. Since 2008 he has been a PhD in Architectural Composition at the Milan Polytechnic. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Milan Polytechnic with Prof. Antonio Monestiroli. He was an Expert in Architectural Composition at the University of Parma and then from 2002 to 2010 at the Milan Polytechnic.
At the beginning of his career, he collaborated with Prof. Aurelio Cortesi in numerous projects.
The priority research field is aimed at architectural design declined at different scales: from the building artifact, to urban design, to masterplans. His projects are carried out in Italy and abroad.
In 2011 he is co-founder of Recs Architects based in Parma. In 2013 the branch opened in Fortaleza, Brazil. In 2014 Recs Architects designed the world's first Smart City in social housing in Croatà, Brazil, currently under construction, and in July 2015 presented the project at the Milan Expo in the Brazilian Pavilion. Since 2017 Recs Architects has opened branches in Dubai and Sharjah in the Emirates, in Belo Horizonte in Brazil, in Chengdu in China and in Sicily in Mazara del Vallo.
There are numerous mentions in national and international competitions and published projects.
In 2019 Recs Architects is the winner of the “Iconic Award 2019” established by the German Design Council.


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