Maneesh Kumar is the founder, principal architect, and designer at Studio Praxis since 2012. He has been a visiting professor of Architecture and Furniture Design at various schools in and around Ahmedabad, including Navrachna University (SEDA), Kalol Institute of Architecture and Design (KIAD), Indus University (IU), and Nirma University(NU). Trained as a craftsman during his school study, he developed an aptitude for carving and woodworking, and since then he has spent most of his life around wood and making wood sculptures. Formal studies took him to Mumbai, in the Rizvi College of Architecture. His design practice is more experiential and emphasizes clean geometrical lines that balance forms inherent in his materials with the symbolic allusions of local context. Maneesh has sought inspiration in the raw form of material as a source of aesthetic. However, other influences in his approach emerge from his work with Studio Mumbai under Alvar Aalto prize laureate Bijoy Jain, and with Vastu Shilpa Foundation under Pritzker Architecture prize laureate B.V. Doshi, which is traceable through the quality of detail inspired by traditional arts, local building techniques, and local materials. Praxis to him is not a way of life. It is life itself - integrating mind, body, and being.



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